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New belgium brewing, maker of fat tire, sells to kirin. Her lifelong commitment to developing healthy communities has informed new belgium s culture through progressive policies like employee ownership, open book management. Another way new belgium honors human capital is through generous benefits. She started with practices like open book management and. While the company had been loosely practicing open book management and highinvolvement culture at that time, jordan still wasnt sure that she wanted to show her people the books. New belgium brewing company is a nationally distributed brewery recognized as a leader in sustainability and social responsibility.

New belgium brewery has an open book management policy which means that its employees can see the companys financial statements, and can take part in making decisions for the company. As years went on, jordan would eventually scale the brewery into one of the most successful craft breweries in the country, acting as a visionary for both her coworkers. New belgium brewing placed on best places to work list. How kim jordan created a beloved employeeowned brand. About new belgium brewing new belgium brewing, makers of fat tire amber ale and a host of belgianinspired beers, is recognized as one of outside magazines best places to work and one of the wall street journals best. Why the maker of fat tire bucked the trend and became 100% owned by its workers. Flexible schedule great benefits fun culture good beer great coworkers. The new belgium brewery, which makes fat tire and voodoo ranger ipas, among other craft beers, is using a unique management. Open book management case study chapter 8 cassandra. Please enter the email address to receive your password.

This workplace culture, insiders say, is the key ingredient to the companys success, and it includes two other critical features. The first piece covers some background on new belgium s history of practicing open book management and becoming 100%employee. New belgium brewing cofounder and former ceo kim jordan. New belgium brewing fort collins brewery and tasting room. With brewing underway, cofounder kim jordan was new belgium s jackofalltrades as the first bottler, sales rep, distributor, marketer, financial planner and longtime ceo. New belgium brewing honored as best for the environment. New belgium brewery understands this, and came up with a simple solution that would ensure all of these points are met. Operations management, employee ownership, and leadership provided by management i would describe the operations management at new belgium brewing to be very well run. New belgium brewing honored as best for the environment april 14, 2015 ft. So when jeff lebesch, an electrical engineer from fort collins, colorado took a bicycle trip through belgium it made him realize there may be a market back home to sell belgianstyle ale. As parts of a centralized organization, many employees are. Dedicated to proving that business can be a force for good, new belgium. A firms shared values, beliefs, traditions, philosophies, rules, and role models for behavior comprise its. Fat tire amber ale, sunshine wheat, blue paddle pilsner, 1554 black ale, abbey, mothership wit and trippel, as well as a host of.

Learning to think and act like an owner of new belgium brewing. We facilitate an allstaff monthly meeting where coworkers are informed on the latest and greatest new belgium news. A limitededition collaboration between new belgium and knob creek. The companys emphasis on open book management is another good example of its flexibility and continuous evolution. Mens new belgium cans in the sun tshirt mens voodoo ranger mask tshirt womens voodoo ranger mask tshirt mens fat tire tshirt womens fat tire t. Today, new belgium brewing, established in 1991, is one of the largest craft brewers in the u. New belgium was selected from more than 400 entries for a variety of reasons, including open book management, sustainable business practices and its commitment to an employeeowned culture.

It was on that trip that new belgium s popular fat tire amber ale was conceived. She was inspired by stacks urge to apply openbook management. Makers of fat tire ale, alternatively empowered, follow your folly, ours is beer new belgium brewing company, makers of fat tire amber ale and other belgianinspired beers, began operations in a tiny fort collins basement in 1991. Poor job security due to new belgium s financial state, layoffs and labor utilization were used in 2018 low pay for new production workers mid teens research the cost of living before accepting a position the current coo has created an upper level production leadership team that lacks gender and racial diversity general lack of authenticity, there are. Management of a business new belgium brewery essay. New belgium brewing becomes 100% employeeowned company. New belgium brewery s approach to employees is explored and examined in terms of how it organizes its workforce. Openbook management and ownership opportunities for everyone make our. As parts of a centralized organization, many employees are directed by. Kim jordan, cofounder and ceo of new belgium brewing, has cultivated her passion for social work, the environment, and community to create one of the most successful corporations in america. New belgium brewery recently announced several management changes. Meet new belgium s practice of open book management. Collins, colorado plant, you walk past colorful perennial flower beds and wellused bike racks and enter the building through the bustling employee break room, where recycling bins neatly line one wall and employee computers another. New belgium had been in business about four years when jordan read the great game of business by jack stack.

New belgium s business model, which incorporates a plethora of benefits as ferenchik mentioned, along with open book management, company retreats, inhouse training, financial benefits and much. In late 2012, new belgium brewing s employees all gathered for a major announcement from company leadership. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at new belgium brewing. When craft beers grew in popularity in the 1990s through the 2000s the company grew in popularity as well.

New belgium announces major leadership changes 303 magazine. New belgium brewery provides financial training to its employees, in order for them to understand how to make sense of the business side of business. Were very eclectic in the approaches we try at new belgium, kim explains. Chapter 8 case study new belgium brewery chapter 8. Discuss how lebesch and jordan have integrated total quality management tqm into the operations of their company. The companys participative ownership culture includes openbook management. The history of new belgium brewing new belgium brewing. Employees ride new belgium s iconic fat tire bicycles to work, parking them in front of the fort collins, colorado, brewery. Ethical and environmental responsibility history belgium is home of the finest ales and have been known to brew for centuries. New belgium also practices open book management so all coowners experience the rights and responsibilities of ownership. These benefits include improved employee satisfaction, engagement,retention. Briggs says the recognition from president obama gave her reason to pause and reflect on how special practicing open book management is. Openbook management at new belgium brewery most americans define working as getting paid to make money for somebody else.

Forbes just released an excellent article about our president and his excitement for new belgium brewery and their practices related to open book management. New belgium brewing company, makers of fat amber ale and other belgianinspired beers, began operations in a tiny fort collins basement in 1991. New belgium brewery and open book management src electrical. The business had been sold, cofounder and ceo kim jordan told them, and she asked each employee to open the envelope in front of them to learn who the new owners were. About new belgium brewing company new belgium brewing company, makers of fat tire amber ale and a host of belgianinspired beers, began operations in a tiny fort collins basement in 1991. I worked at new belgium brewing parttime for more than a year. This is one of the biggest reasons that people seek out working at new belgium, but if you are a beer. Our 2019 artist series globe glass was designed by asheville artist drew findley. New belgium brewing quality assurance specialist glassdoor.

New belgium brewing company the great game of business. What are the major management challenges facing lebesch and jordan. In 1991, jeff lebesch and kim jordan launched new belgium brewing in the basement of their home. We didnt invent the idea, we just adapted it from a book called the great game of business. As practitioners of openbook management and the great game of business, new belgium brewing has discovered the power that comes from having a. Founded in 1991 in fort collins, colorado, the company expanded to asheville, north carolina, in 2016 and denver, colorado, in 2018, and is now the fourth largest craft brewery in the u. The president of our distributor group said to me, kim, pros dont panic. How new belgium brewing has found sustainable success. One such small business is the new belgium brewing company, inc. Learning university wants to create its own learning management system, so all its course materials will be available to its students in one place. Transatlantique kriek sour ale is a collaboration between new belgium brewing and oud beersel and an annual part of our sour beer portfolio.

Founder, jeff lebesch, and cofounder, kim jordan, implemented an open management system in 1996. The founders of the company are jeff lebesch and kim jordan. New belgium realized that the pros of making their employees into owners were countless. Company is employee owned, and their open book policy is amazing. New belgium brewing began more than two decades ago with a bike ride. In 1989, founder jeff lebesch rode his mountain bike through belgium, brewery by brewery. Most notably, steve fechheimer will be taking over as chief executive officer in midaugust. Always shifting priorities not as open book as they say little worklife balance and personal time is not respected. Open book management at new belgium brewery most americans define working as getting paid to make money for somebody else. Quality assurance specialist star star star star star. Managers and employees become role models for ethical and socially responsible actions. The new belgium brewery has an open book management which means that if an employee sees a way to make productive change for the company they have the option to make the change without having to wait for permission for someone above them.

New belgium brewing company was but a glimmer in his eye. After one year employment at new belgium, an employees status is upgraded to employeeowner and they are rewarded with company shares. History of the new belgium brewing company the idea for the new belgium brewing company began with a bicycling trip through belgium. For example, two new belgium brewing employees recently.

Summary new belgium brewery is a colorado based company that uses an open book management style. For live storytelling, beersampling, artgazing fun, check out our tour calendar. New belgium president and coo christine perich to assume. This is the second year that the journal produced the list of the best small workplaces in the country. Why employeeowned new belgium brewing gives workers bikes, travel. We practice open book management, providing coworkers access to company financials and a clear view into managerial decision making processes.

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