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The body template has an additional rout for a j bass pickup between the bridge and regular p bass pickup. The only thing is, when i changed it, there was some major electronic interference. Jazz bass guitar routing templates faction guitars. How to build a bass guitar making a p bass pickup routing. Road worn precision bass pickguard and notably has. Musiclily pro cnc accurate acrylic bass neck routing templates for standard jazz basspbass 1. Template for fender hss stratocaster guards checked for correct fit pro steel pickguard. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. These standard model wd custom pickguards for fender precision bass can be modified for any pickup or control configuration. These improved, thicker templates mean i dont have to shim or double up templates to get contact with the router bearing. May 23, 2018 ikn sss 11 holes strat electric guitar pickguard for fender usmexico style standard strats modern style guitar parts pure aluminum sheilding 3ply redblackred click image for more details.

Fender precision bass tony franklin signature series style pick guard call or email to. The template for prosteel hss strat pickguards, which is a replica of the modern fender stratocaster pickguard. We also have a huge selection of pickguards for vintage guitars that far exceeds the selection offered by anyone else, and we have the knowledge to steer you in the. Id had it on a squire p bass before, and it just happened to fit my delux p special. Precision bass style pickguards click for price in any. This pickguard fits most modernstyle p bass bodies.

Fender p bass american deluxe 22 fret pre 2010 profile. Will it fit custom pickguard pdf templates custom pickguards. Press it firmly onto the body so it wont move during routing. Dewalt, porter cable, bosch, ryobi, rigid, drillmaster, custom. This template set includes a main body template, neck pocket template, and pickguard template. American made and handcrafted to order, we manufacture aftermarket pickguards for many of the mass produced guitar models manufactured over the last 70 years including most limited edition instruments. P bass bass guitar pickguard control routing options no pickup options other than stock. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Chandler music has been making pickguards since 1980, supplying some of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world.

Pickup routing templates for p bass are for routing the body cavity and for the pickup cutout in the pickguard. Ill be needing a new pickguard once i drop a humbucker in the bridge of my strat. Fender stratocaster strat pickguard 11 hole for modern strats. Precision bass guitar routing templates faction guitars. Fender telecaster guitar templates electric herald. Use the ruler in the scan to check that you print it out at full size. Guitar head stock photos, illustrations, and vector art. Each half of this particular p pickup is 56mm long, but to make a template and include the nubs where mounting screws go, the drill points are 54mm centertocenter.

Pickguard heaven custom pickguards for guitar and bass. Since the gold pickguard is metal, this might be a problem that you will run into as well. Buy kaish hole clear precision bass pickguard pb p bass scratch plate fits usamexican fender precision bass transparent. This page includes templates for most of the products we offer as part of our.

Pickguards for fender musicmaster, duo sonic, mustang, bronco. Lp style glpv1 gibson les paul version 1 glpv2 gibson les paul version 2 elpv1 epiphone les paul version 1 elpv2 epiphone les paul version 2 glpjv1 gibson les paul junior. Erick coleman, guitar repairman and stewmac tech advisor. Creating new materials, revamping the classics, working with you to find the right match, im always finding inspiration in pickguards. Drop the template over the index pins, aligning it with the holes youve drilled. Terrapin guitars has a selection of pickguards with something for just about anyone who has a guitar or bass. Jun 21, 2016 how to build a bass guitar making a p bass pickup routing template for the pickguard part 1 june 21, 2016 june 21, 2016 by best bass gear note. Fender american deluxe precision bass style pick guard fender jazz bass 4 string style pick. Pickguard template downloads by downloading or printing the pdf files on this page you agree that the files are to be used for personal use only. Please print this guard template to actual size, will almost fit on standard a4 print paper.

Here you can find all the available pickguard shapes. Sbfjbjav1 squier by fender jazz bass 1987 japan precision bass style. Pure vintage 63 precision bass pickguard brown shell. You can right click and save target as to to save the outline to your hard drive. Standard pickguard templates can be modified to any control or pickup configuration. I know i could trace the shape from my existing one, but im not exactly sure wherehow big to cut the humbucker slot near the bridge. Fender deluxe p bass special pickguard replacement. Its currently at the place where i take lessons getting fixed. Will it fit custom pickguard pdf templates custom pickguards javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. Print out at 100%, double check the 1 inch reference mark and compare the shape, pickup location if applicable, control hole and screw hole locations. We have pdf outlines for most pick guards we make but not necessarily all of them. Routing guides for pickups, electronics, body cavities fholes, necks, and fretboards. White p bass prewired pickguard standard p bass style pickguard already preassembled with volume pot, tone pot, output jack and chrome knobs.

Pickguards for fender musicmaster, duo sonic, mustang. Fender telecaster pickguard template fender telecaster. Fender jazz bass templates bass guitar chordophones scribd. These are exact copies of my master templates i use building guitars on a daily basis. This template will help you to create a cavity for jazz bass and p. The list below is not exhaustive, but please use the following pdf templates as a reference for some of the more common pickguard. Shape and mounting screwhole pattern to fit squier bronco bass. The original electric bass, it was arguably leo fenders greatest accomplishment into the world of music.

Music man bass style mms4s1p music man stingray version 1 acoustic pickguards apv1 martin style 1 apv2 gibson style 1 control plates fjbcp4 fender jazz bass control plate 4 hole fjbcp3 fender jazz bass control plate 3 hole tcp01 tele control plate version 1 tcp02 tele control plate version 2 toggle back plates fsbpv1 fender strat back plate. It should be very close, but your millage may vary. Print out this full size pdf 51 54 p bass pickguard pdf. Ikn sss 11 holes strat electric guitar pickguard for fender. My name is mike quick and i love building pickguards. Will it fit custom pickguard pdf templates custom pickguards javascript seems. Downloads, guides and templates pro steel pickguards. Countersunk holes for anchoring the template with flathead screws. Pick guards free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The pdf links on this page are for the most common configurations and are here primarily for you to check the overall fit of the pick guard buy gauging its overall shape and mounting hole layout etc. Pickup routing templates for humbuckers are for routing the body cavity and for the pickup cutout in the pickguard. The mounting hole distances are measured from hole center to center in mm.

These templates are published for you to check against your existing guards or body if youre missing a guard. Printable templates for the telecaster custom, deluxe, thinline. I couldnt find a stand alone pickguard anywhere on grabcad, so i made this model by scanning and tracing an allparts aftermarket pickguard. This fee is in addition to the price of whatever design or material you choose, and may vary depending on the size of your pickguard or the complexity of the project. All kinds of pickguards for all kinds of guitars made in usa by chandler music. The guitar parts center tool price list bridge slotting jig 125.

This page includes pickguards for fender precision bass models. You agree that you are not using them for commercial reproduction. Pickguard cut for neck singlecoil pickup 1964 aged white fits telecaster. Im looking for a downloadable pickguard template for a les paul junior double cutare there any sites that have different pdf templates. We will in all cases be fair and transparent in pricing the custom project. With these you can build either a p bass or pj bass with a jazz bass body style. For the best results, you can print out this full size pdf for comparisons of mounting hole and pickup locations as well as perimeter measurements. Fender jazz bass templates free download as pdf file. I also include an alternate part of a pickguard template for a p bass pickup in the neck position, along with the corresponding rout built into the neck pocket template. Bass remove the pickguard mounting screws and place a scrap piece of wood between the body and the pickguard. Halfbreed guitars lcprt cabronita pickguard template. Largest resource of downloadable pdf pickguard templates for guitar and bass. Buy bqlzr prewired pb bass pickguard kit for p bass guitar black.

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