3par controller node architectural software

Access points and controllers network management network security routers software defined networking switches view all networking specialized campus and branch networking data center networking networking for small and midsize businesses storage networking. These are built from nodes or controllers, the terms are synonymous, and up. Discover hpe 3par storage, built to meet the requirements of massively consolidated cloud service providers and ideal for missioncritical workloads that need. I login to the service processor, but the reboot node drop down list option seems to defer from the usual. Hp 3par storeserv architecture technical white paper. It offers up to 4 controller nodes, and 424 host ports.

This architecture begins with a multifunction node design and, like a modular array, requires just two initia l controller nodes for redundancy. This architecture begins with a multifunction node design and, like a modular array, requires just two initial controller nodes for redundancy. Hpe scales out 3par to build massively parallel primera line. When upgrading controller node software, the hpe 3par storeserv system gives you the ability to upgrade one controller node at a. The hpe 3par architecture was designed to provide cost effective singlesystem scalability through a cachecoherent, multinode clustered implementation. When deploying a 7400 4 node we need to follow the correct cabling schema. This is a particular advantage when looking at cloud architecture which has increased the overall utilization of controllers and taxed them to the point of bottleneck on my arrays. The 3par storeserv 7200 is limited to 2 controllers and the 7400 can scale from 2 to 4 controllers, while the 0 series continues to scale to 8 controller nodes. Hpe 3par storeserv architecture overview chalktalk youtube. Back in the day of the f200 an old dual node only 3par model the presales folk at 3par would only sell an f200 for test labs and never for production use. With the 3par, however, autonomic storage tiering is a software. The storeserv 8000 is an entrylevel flash hybrid storage system.

Understanding the 3par difference in array architecture. Understanding the 3par difference in array architecture techazine. The hp 3par storeserv architecture can be scaled from 1. I have a 3par 7200c with physical service processor. Includes ql232b 4gb 2x2gb dimms fclass controller cache. Emulax lp1102 dual port 4gb fiber channel network card. This design brings together nextgeneration hardware and unique software innovations that combine the benefits of modular and monolithic architectures while eliminating price premiums and scaling complexities. Learn about the hpe 3par storeserv storage architecture.

The hp 3par storeserv architecture was designed to provide costeffective single system scalability through a cachecoherent, multi node clustered implementation. The hpe 3par storeserv family of flashoptimized data storage systems modernizes your data center to handle unpredictable workloads effortlessly, and hpe has the only storage smart enough to guarantee 99. In the 3par, all controller nodes access and own the lun and can service. The hp 3par gen3 asic in each controller node provides a hyperefficient, siliconbased engine that drives simple, onthefly storage optimizations to maximize capacity utilization while delivering high service levels for enterprise and cloud data centers. Since its introduction in 2014, it has risen to the top tier of the allflash market with. Hpe 3par storeserv offers a modern architecture that scales to more than. This is a particular advantage when looking at cloud architecture which has increased. This is achieved through an extremely lowlatency data transfer across the highspeed, fullmesh backplane. I would want to perform a node reboot for our datacentre redundancy testing.

According to hpe, primera uses a new scaleout system architecture to support. The revolutionary innovations of the p0 3par make it the heir to the hpe 3par tclass. Protect your data with backup that frees you from the need for isv software and. Hp 3par software versions 12th february 2016 10th april 2015 by alex bytes if you wish to know what version of softwarefirmware is running on your 3par array you have a couple of options. Unlike other approaches, the system offers both hardware and software fault tolerance by. Common across all 3par models is the architecture based around the asic. Controller node pairs are connected to dualported drive enclosures. The hpe 3par storeserv fullmesh backplane is a passive circuit board that contains slots for up to four or eight controller nodes, depending on the model. Hp have been quite smart and introduced a black to white and white to black chema, however its not clearly labelled, so for the avoidance.

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